Leasing vs. Buying a Car in Hudsonville

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After choosing the Buick, GMC model that you want, you are now ready to finance or lease your next vehicle. However, you may be wondering if leasing or buying your next car is better for your budget. Our finance team at Betten Baker Buick GMC Hudsonville has provided the following guide that breaks down the benefits of each option, so you can see which one makes more sense for your Holland budget. Afterward, take a look at our recommended area lenders that we have partnered with to give you the best competitive rates! 

Advantages of Leasing a Buick, GMC Vehicle 

When leasing a car in the Wyoming area, you will most likely opt for a new vehicle or a certified pre-owned model to enjoy newer features and warranty options. While you can always lease a new car, the only used models that can be leased are certified pre-owned vehicles. Read about the prominent advantages to leasing below:

  • You’ll have lower monthly payments. However, if you plan to start a new lease every few years, chances are you will end up paying the same amount as you would if you finance a car. 
  • You can access the latest features in recent models as you continue to upgrade your car.
  • You can worry less about the car’s depreciation and overall maintenance costs.
  • You can easily return the car by the end of your lease whether you want another model to lease or not. There are several options and you can even arrange for a buyout if you want to keep the car for good! 

Drivers often lease because they’re looking to access the latest technology without worrying about the hassles of car ownership. They are also certain that they won’t break any of the terms of the lease, such as going over the mileage limit. Think of leasing as renting a car. If having a car temporarily for around a year or two sounds good to you, then chances are you would want to lease your next car. 

Advantages of Buying a Buick, GMC Vehicle

While leasing is a temporary option, buying a car is permanent. While you don’t have to own the vehicle forever, buying a vehicle does give you more control over how long you drive it, how you customize it, and how you perform maintenance. Take a look at some of the perks to buying a car near Georgetown Township: 

  • You can potentially eliminate monthly payments altogether if you pay off the amount fully including interest. 
  • You can customize the car however you want since you own it.
  • You can also drive it as much as you want without worrying about mileage limits or wear and tear.
  • You can sell the car whenever you like, though you’d still be responsible for the remaining loan amount. 

If you plan on driving the car for more than a few years, buying it could be a sound investment. Depending on your driving needs, you might also need to buy a car instead of leasing one. For example, if you rely solely on your vehicle for transportation, then you won’t be able to stay under the average mileage limit required in a lease, so you will want to purchase a car. 

List of Leasing & Lending Institutions Near Grand Rapids 

Whether you are leaning towards leasing or buying your next car, our team at Betten Baker Buick GMC Hudsonville has gathered a list of trusted local institutions that you should work with for the best financing options:

  • Please contact our dealership for a full list!

Finance Your Next Car at Betten Baker Buick GMC Hudsonville!  

Turn to our finance experts to help you secure the keys to that new or pre-owned model you’ve been looking at! Contact us with any questions, we are excited to find the best financing offer for your near the Hudsonville area.